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tv   Today  NBC  April 26, 2016 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. yes, hello, everybody, it's boozeday tuesday. that's "little bit of you" by
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hope you're having a nice day already. >> we are because look who's in ou fr kitchen. >> how many years marilu have you and i and hoda been hanging out. >> oh, my gosh, you and i? so many years. >> and you remember every single one. that's the great thing about marilu and michael nice to have you here. >> thank you. >> her husband michael is here and they have a terrific book out. >> thank you. >> it's an extraordinary story and we'll let them tell it when they come out. but we love the fact that diet was part of the recipe when it came to michael fighting cancer and marilu was at the helm of that so i can't wait to hear about that. >> she should be a boot camp trainer. >> booty camp. i'm a booty camp trainer. >> we'll see you in just a moment. she was the writer behind some of your favorite films like "sleepless in seattle" and "you've got mail." now nora ephron's son is paying trip yoo it to his late mom in a new film and why he says you never get closure >> it's a fascinating documentary. it's terrific.
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must have been for a son to do that but he did in the such a beautiful way so it will be interesting. and we all remember 10-year-old jackie evancho who stole our hearts with her powerful adult sounding voice on america's got talent. she was just 16. now she's changed her tune. i'm gonna have to lose myself, i'm gonna have to lose myself n o matter how i get along right now >> going to have a big pop career ahead of her! today is national pretzel day. >> so we broke them out. >> some of them are weird looking but that's okay. >> these are s'mores pretzels. >> i'll let you do that one, hody, because you like -- >> it's got chocolate and marshmallow. try it. >> no, thank you. >> please? >> i don't like s'mores.
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don't want to do. >> can't even bite the dang gone thing. >> put the whole thing in your mouth. >> no! marilu's going to hate it. >> you kind of like it. >> no. >> teeny bit of sweetness. 140 calories in a serving. >> no. what? well, here are other pretzels, truffle cheddar, garlic parsley pretzels, and those are which you are roe -- churro pretzels. >> and they're all from sigmund's. >> what? the s'mores are from sigmund's. >> the s'mores are from snyder's. >> marilu is gagging, she's going "why are you eating this stuff?" james corden, whom we love,
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beyonce's latest project "lemonade." >> here's pieces of lemonade if you haven't seen the whole thing. it's a visual album. james corden reenacted some of the scenes from this. [ laughter ] >> oh, sugar, another cup of sugar.
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another cup of sugar. [laughter] actually, this is too much work. can someone just go out and get me a lemonade? [ laughter ] seriously, send someone out to grab me a lemonade. >> i love him! i love him! don't you love him? >> yes, i do. you know who else we kind of love? amy schumer. >> she's looking like a glamorous pinup model on the cover of "vanity fair." >> shot by annie leibowitz. supposedly inspired by marilyn monroe's pinup cover. but this is how she announce shed would be the cover model. this is what she posted on instagram "i'm on the cover of "vanity fair"" and that was the picture. >> enough said. do you like pda? public displays of affection anywhere between anbody at any time in public? >> you know what's funny? usually i would say no but there
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>> you have done it, hoda. >> we'll talk about people who have done it but i regretted this. i was in -- >> i love when she tells stories! >> i was dating someone who -- after i had been through my whole -- i was a grown woman working here and i went into a furniture store with a guy who i was dating and it was one of those things that i for some reason i didn't care who was looking and i still remembered thinking this is how people lose their jobs and i just didn't care. have you ever been like you don't care even though you know you could be in big trouble? >> maybe. >> of course you have. [ laughter ] >> and i remembered thinking -- >> it wasn't a mattress store was it? >> no! >> you said furniture. >> well, because -- well, it was just a furniture store. anyway, christie brinkley and john mellencamp have been dating for seven months so this was the latest. this is them, the two of them. this is them on the streets kissing like teenagers on the
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>> well, a little smooch is sweet. >> they're not pawing one another. >> i thought it was a real make out. >> i thought that -- when a 62-year-old and a 64-year-old can find love and passion again, god bless them. >> yeah. i think that's cute. that's sweet, right? >> i don't know that that -- did you guys -- you still do it? >> absolutely! >> but he knows not to mess up her makeup. he's been married a long time and knows not to mess up her makeup. we seem to be on delay today. >> i think it's just us. we don't have our rhythm today. >> get it, hoda. this is a good one. bruce springsteen had a concert and it was in baltimore. you know how everyone is trying to grab a selfie with the singer. this is one of those magical moments that happens once in a lifetime. check it out in slow motion. here's the girl taking the selfie. check it out. he stops. he wraps her up.
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>> that's a very nice thing to do. >> wait, when it's over she can't believe it, it happened. [ laughter ] she wants to see it in person. and she fainted. >> he is great to his fans. i've been to ne of his concerts and he just gives him -- the more h gets from them the more he gives to them. >> that was so saeat. >> apparently your dog hates yo u. who knew? theye, don't like all the affection. this makes no sense to me. >> it's a new study published in "psychology today" and it found like dogs don't like to be hugged and cuddled. sometimes it stressed them out. >> why do they come o r to you and lay on their stomachs and say -- >> well, that's to get rubbed. but you know when you wra them up and they're writhing around? >> they don't like to be confined? >> here are the signals your dog don't like it. >> the same with your boyfriend, think about that. >> because sometimes they
10:09 am
to be smothered. >> so what are they? >> dog turns his head away. so wherever they do that to you, lean back -- >> maybe it's your breath, you know? >> sometimes they close their eyes at least partially. >> other signals are you see the whites of their eye which is means the dog is stressed. >> crazy eyes. >> what if they snarl at you? is that a sign? >> their ears will be lowered or slicked back. >> well, i don't want to know this information because i'd like to think they're enjoying it as much as i am. >> but they're not. >> well, it's "psychology today" you know what i'm saying? we haven't seen this but we've been told about it. the sweet story of the day. a little puppy named bobby lost his mom and a few days after s s after he was born she was hit by a car so the michigan humane society took him in. >> so they introduced him to a cat because that was really all that was going on and she just had a litter of kittens. e accepted the puppy and the
10:10 am
>> isn't that the sweetest? >> oh, my gosh, look how they're all wrapped up together! >> that is the dearest thing. >> oh! >> hanging out with his brothers and sisters! >> oh, my gosh! look at that! >> see, i could watch that all day. >> oh! >> see? he likes to be cuddled. >> looks like he's saying "talk to the hand" but maybe not. maybe not. >> how precious is that? >> that is beautiful! we have another feel good one. do we have time for this one? >> you tell it. >> take a great look at this photo. this is from 1966. those are four marines stationed together at camp pentd dleton in oceanside, california. they were between 19 and 21 years old at the time. now it's 50 years later so they've reunited in florida to recreate the moment. isn't t t fantastic? the first time they'd all been in the same place since being
10:11 am
>> two of those guys earned purple hearts. they would all marry. a couple of them have married twice. they raised six kids among them. that is -- >> we should do that, hody. >> what? >> do one of those in 50 years -- well, that ain't gonna happen. [ laughter ] done you 't you hate it when you finally memorized your computer password and you get a prompt you have to change it? >> it's annoying because you have to have a certain number of letters and symbols and all that stinf in otder to get the right kind of password. >> and you have to have a different password for almost everything you have. >> so here's what some guy is doing. this came from "time" magazine. this guy is using passwords to help change his life. so he was going through a divorce. he couldn't stand his ex so he decided his password would be "forgive her" with like an at symbol in netween. so every time he logged in, forgive her, forgive her, forgive her. >> and guess what happened? he forgave her.
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>> next month he had to change it again and this time he put in quit smoking forever. >> with like 4. so quit smoking forever when you g in. it trains your brain to do so mething. so something mundane. you know how you're frustrated. i do my family members then add one t three four. it gets boring. so make it work for you -- >> oh, sorry. joanne -- everyone does their family members and one two three four, don't they? >> you just told everybody out there. >> i don't have that one. >> you leave everything in every cab you're in. >> i don't have that anymore. i changed it. we have a big show today. >> we do, we have marilu and michael coming up. >> that will be awesome. >>r.nd they're a girl's best friend. it's also spanky tuesday. we're going to give it away.
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she has appeared in 36 films, six broadway shows and two classic sit comes. >> for decades, marilu henner has been on a mission to help people live a healthier life-style. when her husband michael brown was diagnosed with cancer, everything marilu worked toward was put to the test. >> that's right. they've been together and written a book about their journey called "changing normal. how i helped my husband beat cancer." great to see you all. >> i'm so excited because you guys from the beginning kept saying "you have to write this book, you have to write this book." and we were just dating two
10:17 am
>> but you'd known each other for years. >> in college he was my eventual roommate's boyfriend but i didn't dare twinkle in his direction. >> but you guys were head over heels in love with one another before you learned michael had bladder cancer. >> we'd been dating two months and then all of a sudden he had blood in his urine i noticed in the bathroom and i was like, wait a minute, wait. "oh, yeah, i had it for two years." but it never went to a second doctor, got second opinions, went all the way with the testing because he didn't do the research and i was like i'm taking over from here on in. >> when there's a diagnosis like that, i mean, you guys had only known each other for a short period of time. did you think marilu was going to be there? >> well, you know, i never doubted she'd be there. she kind of took it as a challenge. i was a project. she was making me over a month in. >> what kept you from getting a s.e.c. chance? blood in the urine continued and so was it fear of knowing
10:18 am
>> no i went to my general practitioner and he sent me to a specialist and the specialist kept screwing around and i didn't go past that so that was my mistake, not getting a second opinion after i went to a urologist. >> you talk about a two-pronged approach. there's a traditional way people fight cancer with chemo and the rest of it. >> and a lot of surgeries. i always say it's not enough to just cut things out or poison or cauterize or whatever, you have to change the -- you have to change everything around you. that's why the book is called "changing normal." so it was a two-prong approach. >> you did both? >> we didn't do chemo radiation or surgery for the bladder cancer because two months after the bladder cancer he was diagnosed with lung cancer. two primary sites. so now we have in, like, one-two punch. he was -- we were into it like a total detox thing, immunotherapy which was very western but the detox was all eastern so it was really about integrative medicine using the best of both worlds. >> you had to trust her completely with this because i'm sure most people would have said
10:19 am
why did you believe she had the right answer? >> well, first the conventional route was not v y appealing. we got initially cut out the bladder, cut out the prostate. >> cut out your life. >> exactly. and that so was so risk and seemed to be so radical compared to what the other potential was that marilu gave me another way of going and i thought let me try this first. >> how did you research it, mare view? at's a big project. >> i've been in the health field for a long time and i call myself the doctor c cierge because even if i don't know something specifically i know what doctors to connect my friends to and they are usually integrative medicine doctors so they have an ama background but they are look into looking at the body as a whole so it's all about changing his diet -- >> to what? what were you eating that you should haven't? >> well i was very unhealthy and i had a lot of normal
10:20 am
>> like heavy dairy, heavy sugar. >> red meat. so started out by cutting that out and that started when i started with marilu but it picked up after i was diagnosed. >> and what else in terms of his daily life. >> in terms of stress management, exercise, skin brushing because your body sheds two pounds of toxins a day through your skink >> what? well, through your whole body but it was about skin brushing, long sweeping strokes toward your heart, opening up your pores, stimulating your lymphatic system. hydration. using a rebounder where you just do a low impact on a rebounder for two minutes and it triples you white blood cell count for the hour you do it -- for an hour after you do it for two minutes. so with all these different little things, at least he felt he was in control. >> what happened to the cancer and how quickly -- >> gone. it's now 12 and a half years in remission. he went through bcg -- >> i went through two rounds of bcg, immunotherapy. the first round of six treatments didn't work because the detox hadn't really kicked
10:21 am
that's it, we'll have to cut out the bladder and i said no, no, let me try again. went back in and did six moree rounds of that. >> look at you, two. >> a cautionary tale as well. if you start noticing that, the sooner you get to a doctor -- >> if you have somebody in your life that you love, be an advocate for them and don't just go to the sites that are on the first three pages because they usually pay to be there. dom do more research, don't be afraid of a second opinion and you have to know our body. don't walk like a lemming over the hill following something that you -- >> trust your gut. >> trust your gut and change your normal. >> change your normal, everybody. thanks so much. >> thanks for your support. >> happy endings, we like that. >> like we said, consult your doctor before you have any treatment. she has been in the spotlight since she was 10.
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it's not just boozeday tuesday, it's brain teaser tuesday. >> we'll put your minds to work wifoth a fun little riddle. >> this comes courtesy of game solver. here it is. "i'm a place where yesterday follows today and tomorrow is in the middle." what am i. >> "i'm in a place where yesterday follow's today and tomorrow's in the middle." >> i think it's nova scotia but i'm not at angie's list, we guarantee a fair price, quality service, and that horrible smells are really good at hiding. oh, boy. there it is. ohh. ooh. [ gags ] so when you need a house cleaner or an exterminator, we can help you get the job done right, guaranteed. get started today at angie's list, because your home is where our heart is.
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live look there the gowanus expressway. 10:27, april 26th. good morning. i'm michael gargiulo. happening now, police are searching for a suspect in an overnight subway slashing which happened on the northbound 6 train in manhattan. the suspect started harassing the victim's wife. the victim got slashed across two fingers. he got off the train at grand central terminal and was take be to the hospital. a high of 68, though. tonight, will dry out and be cooler, low of 46. tomorrow, lots of sun. 64. thursday, the clouds come back, some showers, 59. friday, scattered showers, 58. saturday, 65. coming um on p on the "today" show, a diet queet, a delicious recipe for chicken and waffle
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join us all day long.
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before the break we give you this riddle. >> "i'm a place where yesterday follows today and tomorrow's in the middle." so what am i? the sans -- >> a dictionary. >> thank you for that information. well, one woman never at a loss for words was nora ephron. she was a journalist, play write, novelist and screen
10:31 am
behind many meg ryan sensations like the 1989 megahit "when harry met sally". >> then "sleepless in seattle." >> that's when rom coms were great. >> and the very s rt ephron brought them together again for the hit "you got mail" a film before its time where two people find love on line. >> those are a few of her films but in 2012 she died from complications of a blood disease, an illness she mostly kept secret. >> now her son, "new york times" staff writer jacob bernstein is shaurg his story in his film about her called "everything is copy." >> nora would be happy you're doing this. >> it was her philosophy in a certain way. >> but she said "what is there left to say? i've said everything." but of course that's never true. i mean, it's actually naive. i never would say nora was naive but that's actually naive. to think you can put out your
10:32 am
that is t only version to tell, that's not true. >> wow. hi, jacob. how are you? >> hi, there. >> why was she telling you that? >> well, i think it raises obvious questions. why are you doing the movie? what do you hope to find as a result of it? and part of what i was looking at is what does it mean to be a writer and to put the private out there publicly and, you know -- >> there's the writer part of nora and the one we all knew and then there's the one that you knew. was it difficult -- you were combing through her past. you talked to her first ex-husband, your dad, everybody through her life. how difficult of a process was that for you as her son? >> you mean emotionally? >> yeah, emotionaller >> i hink in some way i needed to do it. i think that we talk about closure a lot in this culture and i don't really believe -- >> you think that's a western concept? >> i think it's a silly word. i do.
10:33 am
i think what it was was continuance. she died of a disease she wasn't discussing and that in some way i orwanted to keep having a conversation with her and about her and this was in a certain way how to do that. >> it was so out of her nature not to share things about her life. her writing was so much an expression. >> did you wonder why she didn't share with her closest -- >> you knew she was sick. >> well, i think that part of it made more sense. i think there were reasons both pragmatic and philosophical and the pragmatic reasons were she was directing movies and she would not have been able to get insurance. so there was that. the philosophical was more complicated and i think she really didn't want to be the person everybody walked up to and said "how are you?" >>u' i can so relate to that. yeah, anybody -- you don't want to to be that person. >> you don't want to be the victim. and i think she had this philosophy of everything is copy and telling your story but the point of tha
10:34 am
the point was this if you tell the story, you control it in some way. that you're able to pick yourself up and kind of look at what happened to me, the joke becomes yours. but you can't do that with a fatal illness. you invariably become the victim. >> it's such a beautiful portrayal of her life. i heard so many things when you heard spielberg saying all he wanted was for nora ephron to make him laugh. it was so funny how she was on a pedestal even for people as we see as the greats in our industry. >> yes. >> and you said she was ahead of her time in lots of ways because she would write snarkly about certain people and then be in cocktail parties with them. >> how did she do that? >> i think one of the most surprising things about that is that she whacked as many people as she did and got away with it. i don't think you could get away with that now. i think now you either play nice orin don't play. >> a much more interesting time. >> it was a beautiful documentary.
10:35 am
you should do this week, just watch it, "everything is copy" nora ephron scripted and unscripted. right now it's on hbo go and hbo now and it's worth seeing. jacob thank you. >> thank you. from operainger to pop star, you're in for a big surprise when jackie evancho performs her new song. >> and f you're ready for budget and i are good. but it wasn't always that way. let go! let go! no, budget. no. r we can save $25 dollars off of $100 or more. get low over half from brands all you gotta you deserve of great stuff. juice! there's only one egg that gives you better taste and better nutrition in so many varieties. classic. cage free. and organic.
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here's the thing. every once in a while it's okay to take a break from your healthy diet and indulge in your craving for comfort foods. >> i wonder if marilu saw this before she left. what could be more comforting than a chicken and waffle sandwich. >> since we're honoring our today food club starting this week, here's one of the very first people who signed up as a member, billy dec. >> the owner of rocket bar and grill in chicago. welcome, billy. >> can't wait to be back.
10:40 am
not stan the look of it. >> you're going to still have to take a bite of the whole ndwich. so we are making fried chicken and waffle sandwiches and we have very simple ingredients. chicken tenders, panko bread klums, flour, eggs, buttermilk, flour, and vegetable oil. you can use a shallow dish of any kind. the first is super simple, just seasoning some flower. easy. buttermilk -- >> pepper? >> yeah, because we'll hit all three of these with the other regular and oregano. then the panko bread crumbs give it crunch when you were preeating my chicken. >> i couldn't help it! it was delicious. >> after that it's simple we're going for a little dipping.
10:41 am
because that sticks to the chicken best. then coat it with eggs, probably more time in the mixing process and look at that. bread crumbs. yo3,u get these done and you put them carefully in the hot oil. >> what kind of oil? >> just vegetable oil, five minutes, golden brown, you can see this one is already eaten. >> it's so good, i want to finish it. you should right now, i'll do the rest over here. >> then we're making waffles, the thing with waffles -- >> i almost went for that. >> the thing with waffles is you do your dry ingredients and wet separately. so we have butter that we're mixing with milk and eggs. >> do you want me to whisk it? >> whisk that up. then the dry ingredients are corn meal, flour, we're doing corn meal with these waffles so it's a little savory and crunchy. then baking powder, salt and sugar. i'm going to mix these up. your eggs are just the yolks. we put the egg whites aside for a bit because we're doing something special with those. you did perfect.
10:42 am
>> dump it, hody. >> this way you have a great mix and everything is mix in well instead of clumping up. and then i'll take that with and we'll put this together and get this going while see those egg whites, how perfect these are? magic. so we got a lot of air incorporated in so our waffles are fluffy. >> how did you do that? >> just whip them and we put a little bit of cream of tartar in there. >> you want me to put them there? >> you can. >> fold in the? >> plop it in, and with this we won't crush it, we'll fold it in so we keep that nice and fluffiness to the bat sore that when we go back here -- >> where are we going? >> we're going to simply take our batter and scoop it right in. this will take about four minutes, not much. and then they come out -- >> ooh! >> look at this! >> i like it crusty on the side. then boom, there you go. you have your waffles and we get
10:43 am
you can dig into yours if you want. >> how do you -- there's no way! is this a fried egg with it? >> yeah, a fried egg and pork sausage. if you want you can use a fork and knife but it is a sandwich so you should really use your hands. >> i don't understand. >> so here we go, two pieces of chicken, a little pork sausage, gravy, how great is that? >> oh, my gosh! >> do it. fried egg. >> i can't see -- >> you can do it! yes, you can, go for it. >> you can get this recipe at coming up, she sings like an angel -- >> i can't! >> you can do it, one big bite! yes! >> she sings like an angel, she's ready to spread her wings. jackie evancho s listerine kills 99% of bad breath germs. this is 100% useful for a 100% fresh mouth. what's it like to not feel 100% fresh? we don't know. we swish listerine . as do listerine users.
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is. she's the 16-year-old pittsburgh native who became a household name -- i hate to talk over her singing -- and shot to stardom six years ago after she blew away everybody, judges and millions of fans with her angelic voice on merck's got talent. >> now, after five albums including a gold and platinum album and three billboard top ten hits, jackie evancho is all grown up and reinventing her sound, branching out from classical roots to mainstream pop and we're so excited. >> and with a voice like yours, you've trained it to do anything you want it to do. >> yeah, but i'm not branching and doing only pop, i'm actually just doubling. >> the video is so cute. what song will you sing for us. >> i'm going to sing apocalypse, it's my recent single and it will be on the new album.
10:50 am
here's our jackie. fixing to find you in this treacherous terrain there's landslides and land mines it's jungle that we made you're not the king of it, i'm not the girl that you'd die for none of us is better than the other none of us is better than the other it drops blood, the sweet sting but it's a poison that we know, i thank god you found me and god knows how i'll let you know are we a kingdom worth saving, is it a shadow i'm chasing i know i'll never see you in another, you know you'll never see me in another
10:51 am
i'm gonna have to lose myself, i'm gonna have to lose myself no matter how long in a heart like this, why not go into the apocalypse, i'm gonna go crazy crazy to lose you i used to love listening to sad songs, stretch my fingers all along the silver linings now i don't listen to sad songs in my old world throwing that behind me, it felt so good a better world will find me note note? to lose you, really lose you, m gonna have to
10:52 am
lose myselfs no matter how long it will hurt like thikis, we'll not go into the apocalypse, i've got to go crazy crazy to lose you >> oh, my gosh! i love that! >> that's a song and a singer, boys. >> jackie, we love that! >> gorgeous, congratulations. >> thank you, thank you. >> you might as welcome over here. >> don't miss what we're giving away. it will make the perfect ther's day gift and it's spanky tuesday. >> what? but first this is "today" on
10:53 am
life is what you make it.
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we hope you're feeling lucky
10:56 am
to five lucky ewers. >> this week's prize, a diamonds unleashed necklace and ring. >> it's available at, $559 and 100% of the net proceeds will be donated to the charity organization she's the first and to girls who code. >> good for them. wonderful. you'll get the diamonds unleashed by carol roth vermeil pendant with 16 inch chain and the quarter carat diamond split shank vermeil ring. >> let's find out who the winners are kath. >> all right. let's hear the spanky music. >> no, i think it's time to take our time and pick the names. >> no, i'm in a hurry. first person is sandy ramos from sun valley, new york. >> i love when sandy wins. >> sorry, nevada. >> i've got rebecca mitchell from beaumont, texas. go, becky. >> and susan royal from royal hall, north carolina.
10:57 am
from portland, texas. go, sandy. >> gail mckonld connell from moorsville, north carolina. >> you all get that. and if you want to enter again, kath, what should they do? >> they should go to and hit the "connect button." tomorrow we have ricky gervais. >> plus olympic gold medalist shawn johnson helps us celebrate 100 days to rio and a performance by the band perry. >> i love the band perry. enjoy your cbs news r
10:58 am
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